Guard Gizmo believes security is a collective responsibility and members of the society have their unique role to play. Our Philosophy, therefore, is to serve the security industry by providing affordable, accessible, long-lasting fashion items and security apparatus with utmost integrity, innovation, and excellence. We strongly believe that if everyone plays their role, then our lives and our assets will be safe.

Our purpose at Guard Gizmo goes beyond making available uniforms, protective gear, or defense tools. What is more paramount to us is that we are contributing positively to our world by making our societies efficiently secured. At Guard Gizmo, we are doing our best to connect the best security protective gear and defense tools from the best designers and suppliers to our ever-increasing audience of Security guards, police, military, and outdoor enthusiast.

We are Guard Gizmo, your most trusted supplier for everything high-quality security uniforms and protective gears; we provide at affordable prices the best defense tools for police, military, and outdoor activities such as everyday carry gear ranging from handcuffs, duty-belts, uniforms, tasers, paper-sprays, and all-around security to both security personnel and everyone who is security conscious.
We were founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2018. We started in the fashion district and what started as a mere passion for a more secured society has metamorphosed into a thriving community of dedicated suppliers and designers of high-quality security products

We are dedicated to providing the most affordable uniforms, and protective tools, while also advocating and providing the very best when it comes to what makes our societies more secure. We are also committed to addressing the ever-changing security industry with a dynamic and flexible approach to providing high-quality products for security management thereby bringing unmatched and qualitative service to everyone. We are driven by challenges to create safe, affordable, and enjoyable security situations. We specialize in making everything security uniforms, gears, tools, and protective defense available at the best prices for police, military, private security, emergency medical services, outdoor activities, and infinitely more. Whether the need is for professional work or personal security purposes, Guard Gizmo has got your back. We take delight in excellent customer service, competitive prices, and speedy shipping. We operate round the clock live on-site phone operators during normal business hours that provide answers to any questions you may
have about your order or any specific item. On top of our friendly customer service delivery Guard Gizmo offers some of the lowest prices our customers can find anywhere around, and with our unique best price policy, our buyers find it difficult to find a reason to shop anywhere else.